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KIJIMA is now a general parts manufacturer representing Japan. With outstanding processing technology, they develop not only rubber items but also metal press modification, resin molding, die casting and casting products

KIJIMA Corresponding Left Lever for HONDA Motorcyc...

I bought this lever set for CB400SS, which is a vintage style motorbike and this product is very suitable and fit the style.
Exspecially the chrome coating, a huge difference compare with original ...

KIJIMA Lever Brake Plating

I bought this lever set for CB400SS, which is a vintage style motorbike and this product is very suitable and fit the style.
Exspecially the chrome coating, a huge difference compare with original ...

KIJIMA Front Fork Boots

Fork Boots originally unnecessary, but installed to give Retro feeling.In order to install the Fork you have to remove it, so you need a solid tool.Boots can be cut in half and stopped with adhesive, ...

KIJIMA BLAZE Breeder Dust Cap

The price is reasonable, but durability is good.There are also imprints in other products of Manufacturer, but durability is not goodIt has passed a few months after it has been exchanged for this but...

KIJIMA Lever Brake Black

I am satisfied with the same color as Grip.Both texture and practicality have no problem.Recommending for those who want to change One point from Plating color.

KIJIMA Side Stand Extension

Previously used P & A International Peitzmeier Company : Side Stand Helper is a structure that sculls the bar into the base, and it broke from the base of Screw.This is one, so it will not break.B...

KIJIMA Gasoline Catch Tank

I installed it in KTM RC 390.Because it is round, it fixed with a Double-sided Tape to some extent and Thailand Rough.Capacity of Race category (250cc) We have corresponded and passed without a car in...

KIJIMA Bar End Cap Nylon

Even if you fall down for low price Handlebar will not bend without bending. It is surprisingly strong. Expensive looks and CoolBar end cap are also good, but I think that this is enough considering f...

KIJIMA Front Blinker Bracket Frame Mount

Quality of the product is good. No complain. I couldn't find the same product in US shops; therefore, needed to get it shipped from Japan. Thanks Web!ke.

KIJIMA Starmine B8 Blinker

Google Translate
The parts themselves are solid and feel good. Modify is necessary but it ...

KIJIMA Key Holder CNC Type

การจัดส่งถือว่าตรงตามที่ระบุไว้ สภาพกล่องและสินค้าอยู่ในสภาพที่ดี ไม่บุบเสีบหาย
สินค้าคุณภาพดี สวยงาม เหมาะสมกับการใช้งาน
Google translate...

KIJIMA Key Holder CNC Type

การจัดส่งถือว่าตรงตามที่ระบุไว้ สภาพกล่องและสินค้าอยู่ในสภาพที่ดี ไม่บุบเสีบหาย
สินค้าคุณภาพดี สวยงาม เหมาะสมกับการใช้งาน
Google translate ...

KIJIMA Saddlebag Support DHW

2017 FXDB DHWSissy bar mounting for Vehicle. To install it, Slide rail "Universal Product" "HD-08040 / 1 / 4 / 5 "and Bolt set" HD-08036 "which also serves as OEMBlinker ...

KIJIMA Saddlebag Slide Rail

Fitted on 2017 FXDB. Since DHW is attached, it seems to use Universal Product instead of dedicated Rail. I just wish to wear it, but because I was wearing a Detachable Sissy bar I had to rework Blinke...

KIJIMA Key Holder CNC Type

For those without Grinder, it is troublesome to Cutting the Base key, but the satisfaction is high because it is reasonably cheap and looks good.But KIJIMA 's Logo is much ... that, right?Would it...

KIJIMA Metal Field Ladder Rail

It is an increase in purchase of the same item. I purchased this product before, I bought it again because I love being robust and robust in quality. Regarding texture, it is perfect. Although there i...

KIJIMA Handlebar Mount Bracket

It seems that aging will occur. Rust or fading?The dimensions of the installation may be slightly Gap.The role of Cross Bar is best for attaching USBSocket and NavigationBase.

KIJIMA Handlebar Mount Bracket

Also in the fixed part of the Handlebar, Screw Lock is used in NINJA, and it was hard to remove the fixed Screw. I can use it without problems at all in terms of products. Long term Spec. By aged dete...

KIJIMA Gasoline Bottle

Gas is missing on the road,Just because there is a bitter past that pushed Motorcycle a few kilogramsThis time I bought a portable Tank for any chance.I have not used the product yet,I like the shape ...

KIJIMA Handlebar Mount Bracket

As Smartphone and USB Charger can be attached, Smartphone Navigation was active in Large when I went to Touring. Long touring was also a very pleasant trip without Stress. Will there be more fun to ch...

KIJIMA Helmet Lock

Africa Twin 's Helmet holder has to remove Seat with Wire. I purchased it because I can not use such a thing.I installed it after removing the Tandem Footpeg because the installation place is narr...

KIJIMA Helmet Lock

I bought it because there is no Helmet holder when loading luggage under Seat or Box at NMAX.Just tighten to the Bolt part under the Key cylinder, so if you have Hex wrench there is a danger that ever...

KIJIMA Helmet Lock

ZX-10R (16) It attached to. I bought it because there is no Helmet holder in Motorcycle itself. Installation is easy, but since there is a hook in the middle of the RearFootpeg Bracket, Bracket is in ...

KIJIMA Helmet Lock

CBR 250 RR is a cumbersome way to lock Helmet off the Rear seat and lock it. I think there are not many people who steal Helmet seeped in by other people's sweat, but .... I can not return home af...

KIJIMA Helmet Lock

Because we are using KIJIMA made by other models, we bought without much hesitation,I am concerned about installation position and installation with Bolt 1 pc.Although it may be useless because it is ...

KIJIMA Helmet Lock

The shipping is on time to the date it estimated. This lock is easy to install and very useful for daily use.I installed it successfully within 5mins.

KIJIMA Hell Lock Wire

This product is an affordable and effective way to secure your helmet on your scooter with limited under seat space, saving the money for a rear box that may affect the looks of your bike. I chose the...

KIJIMA Helmet Lock Assist

Material : Aluminum has chitin and rigidity and is user-friendlyIndeed, it will be convenient,The price is expensive, but it is good not to be troubled with carrying

KIJIMA Helmet Lock

NMAX purchased it because it does not have a Helmet holder. First of all, I do not feel a sense of attachment. Honesty parenthesis is too bad. I fix it with the hexagon Screw to the car body, so it wi...

KIJIMA Helmet One Touch Clip ECHO

I installed it in ARAIRam? SZ.NORMAL chin strap etc etc. I could install it without adding any changes. When wearing the gold tool of the receiving side, I think that you can not pass because the spac...

KIJIMA Oil Filter Wrench Band Type

In order to wind the band around the Filter and turn the Filter with its sliding resistance, you must tighten it with Band firmly. Hang is necessary for tightening method, once push the tip of Handleb...

KIJIMA Brake Oil Changer

Double disk If you are planning to use it on a car, it is usually faster to do it only with Air hose.When pulling out with a syringe, Tank collapses at about 10 times (lolBreather Valve will do the ai...

KIJIMA Brake Oil Changer

I used it for Brake fluid exchange of Daytona 675R.Usability is not bad (It is better not to use Cylinder but Gun type negative pressure Pump better ...) Although it is fatal that the Fluid Tank of th...

KIJIMA Valve Sucker Set

It is Z50JjNORMAL of MONKEY.Although I purchased it for Overhaul, it was still impossible for the Small Valve on the exhaust side.So I tried to stick with Double-sided Tape. I used 100 thick thick typ...

KIJIMA Colored Cable Tie

It was unexpected. "Colored Cable Tie".I knew Motorcycle was cooler if I knew it sooner - - -.Thank you for selling Manufacturer..

KIJIMA Colored Cable Tie

It is possible to choose various colors by changing the Large in fiddling with Motorcycle.I hope the more color variations increase, the lower the price.

KIJIMA Colored Cable Tie

This Red Tie Wrap is perfect for the Red part seen from the outside of the car body.Tie Wrap hides like a camel on.It is very helpful.

KIJIMA Colored Cable Tie

ColorMODEL is helpful for use in parts visible from the outside of the car body.In the red color part Black's Tie Wrap, it looks like a bad cool looking - - -.So, I will match this Red Tie Wrap sa...

KIJIMA Plug Wrench

Purchase for AX-1 Plug replacement. I thought I could use it because it is very narrow, but it was useless ... I think that it is good as a tool. I made a firm but I thought that the price could be a ...

KIJIMA Spring Removing Tool

I bought it because I needed several scenes so far.Radio pliers will do something, but this one is definitely easier to do.It is Small compared with other Spring hooks, so I chose KIJIMA's thing.I...

KIJIMA Classic Tool Bag

Very nice finishing . Suitable for mini bike like kawasaki ksr110 or honda monkey .my mini cafe racer project finally done , thanks for the great product , I like it so much . Keep it up KIJIMA.

KIJIMA Classic Tool Bag

If the Stay currently sold at a Home center something is used well, it will become a Side bag [ Just size / a MONKEY ]! If the Chain lock something is put into the Side bag, it will come on the loadin...

KIJIMA Classic Tool Bag

Texture is quite high at the product made from leather thick [ firm ].Although the price is carried out so so, it is the quality corresponding to it.An easy tool and Chain lock enter in respect of sto...

KIJIMA Classic Tool Bag

It considers, and although reliance is small, its Parenthesis is the best including it!

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