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Ranked 128 of 1,795 brands  in Bodyworks
(128 Customer Reviews)
Very good

ENDURANCE is the main importer of Thailand HONDA in Japan. It offers original parts that have been produced using the knowledge that they achieved from their rich experience in the racing field.

ENDURANCE Rear Carrier + Rear Box Set

Carrier is a practical surface with a loading capacity of 6 kg, Box is not well understood, so I chose to be Set.It was installed in an hour and a half with a tool at home.Carrier had an Instruction M...

ENDURANCE Neo Spec Multimeter

OEMMeter broke down, installed Active Speed ??meter and Auto Gauge's Octopus Meter, but since it's messy, I replaced it with this Multimeter.For Small I have a good visibility, Refreshing arou...

ENDURANCE Smoke Blinker Lens Set

Four entries, I think that it is advantageous because the light bulb is also attachedSince you do not cut the screw groove, it is better to put the screws once to insert the screws

ENDURANCE Shutter Key Cover

It is an easy installation Dress-up parts just by fastening with Double-sided Tape. It is effective because it is in a prominent place.However, it is impression that surface cutting and Anodized proce...

ENDURANCE Fender Eliminator Kit

It was very good that the price cuts to 10,000 and the lights can be attached as it is (О '∀ `о)The correspondence with CBR 400 R 2016 MODEL was decisive.Since it took less than 1 hour to work, it...

ENDURANCE Oil Catch Tank Set

Purchase from User's comment. It is unknown whether it is the measure against emulsification. Every day, because of about 35 to 36 km running, oil temperature rise as it is. In the winter, I catch...

ENDURANCE Oil Catch Tank Set

It is unknown whether it works effectively as an emulsification countermeasure. Because I use it for commuting to 35 kilometers over and over, the engine oil will rise so much. However, since it catch...


These bar ends were purchased for my 2017 Red Honda Grom.
They are bright red and quite a bit larger than the stock bar ends - which is a good thing! The price felt a little high at first but upon...

ENDURANCE High Power Air Filter Set

This filter is perfect for my Yamaha nmax, i tried exchanged with my current ferrox metal racing air filter and i can't feel any power drop. On dyno my nmax managed 169kmh and very powerful accelerati...


If there is one who is riding MT and has low back pain when switching to Kore,I think that this Seat will help you to improve it.I improved myself at the same time with suspension.It was painful to ri...

ENDURANCE Convenience Hook

EnduranceCombination NifrekBlackIt is attached to pcxThere was no sense of touching and it was a natural feelingIs goodHowever, because the attached Screw is shabbyHome center Hexagonal BlackBoltI bou...

ENDURANCE Touring Rear Box 30L

The ENDURANCE Touring Rear Box 30L is actually a very well made and nice looking top box. It looks better in hand than in photo. It comes with an adapter plate and fits nicely on a Honda CB1100 (201...

ENDURANCE Convenience Hook

Because I only wanted one, select this product is not Set. Although it was not listed in the corresponding model, it can also be installed in Grom. As purchased for Dress-up, depending on the Handleba...

ENDURANCE Convenience Hook

【What made you decide the purchase】Endue Rans has been purchasing Motorcycle for a long time and can trust【How was it actually used?】It is easy to use without worry of falling because part of Hook is ...

ENDURANCE Carrier with Tandem Grip + Rear Box Set ...

From order registration to delivery to my door took seven days (Japan -> Canada). Tokyo to my doorstep took a very fast one day! (wow) Shipping packaging was excellent/durable.
The items arrived...

ENDURANCE Helmet Holder

it is a great item, comes with 2 key. item made with good quality. worth the purchase. easy mounting and good for daily usage.

ENDURANCE Helmet Holder

I compared this product with the type attached to the Handlebar and purchased various things on Handlebar, so I thought that this was the only purchase.The goods reached, I thought about installing an...

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