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Most Viewed Ranked 3 of 69 model in YAMAHA 401cc-750cc
Best Brands
The 2017 model was developed with the concept of "Master of Scooter".Yamaha Motor Scooter First adopted electronically controlled throttle, newly designed lightweight aluminum frame, link type rear suspension, etc., while enhancing driving performance, adopted a design that combines lightness and elegance and improved ownership. Set "DX" which enriches comfort equipment such as "SX" of standard specification and adoption of cruise control system and electrically adjustable screen.In both cases, ABS is standard equipment. - Main features (1) Adoption of electronic control technology such as electronically controlled throttle "YCC-T" * 1 and TCS * 2, D- Weight reduction by (for SX, 7kg compared with the current one) (3) New design with duality of light and sporty exterior and elegant interior while inheriting DNA of TMAX * 1 YCC-T: Yamaha ・ Chip ・ Controlled ・ Throttle = ECU that detects accelerator operation instantaneously calculates optimal throttle valve opening, system that controls throttle valve by motor drive to control intake air volume 2 TCS: Traction control system
Displacement 530 Engine Type J417E
Maximum Output (ps) 46ps/6,750rpm Maximum Torque (kgf/m) 5.4kgf・m/5,250rpm
Vehicle Weight (Dry Weight) - Fuel Tank Capacity liter 15L(無鉛プレミアムガソリン指定)

DAYTONA Black Cover 2 Standard [Big Scooter]

I tried variously from a number of Cover.Cheap things from Cover of 100 yen shop until Cover to 2-3 million yen.It is durability that we place importance on Cover, that rain does not invade, that the influence of the wind is small.This Cover of Mr. DAYTONA has the function I need, but I think that i...

TANAX Cowling Mirror 9

Simple to install. The kit includes all the necessary keys and screws. Easy to adjust. Good visibility. High quality of execution. Ideal for Kawasaki ZX - 14.


增強點火COIL, 由原本每次點火燃燒1次數增强到3次, 同時電壓增强, 達到增强車輛動力效果。
加上令電油可燃燒得更徹底, 減少電油虛耗。
此外Plasma Direct 是直接取代原裝COIL。
無需外接電線或火牛, 免除漏電風險。...

TANAX Cowling Mirror 8

Even if a High beam car came behind in Tunnel it was not dazzlingAlthough it is about installation, if you tightly secure the installation on the car body it is Large durableAlthough Mirror is attached to the body mounting seat with inner tooth Washer attached, it will loosen even if it is tightened...

FERODO Eco Friction Brake Pads ECO Friction Compou...

affordable brake pads and good quality for street used and long ride I experience smooth braking using this pads I recommend it if you want a cheap pads with good performance compare to other brands


SlipSign out at 7000 km, Tread was peeling off one place.It seems that the stability goes straight forward from Corner, and Grip feels that Dry and Wet are neither feasible nor impossible.Because it is Front tire so much I did not feel any difference from other companies.


TMAX is a rainy day, unexpected place to open Axel (Especially OEMTire) The ass goes raging..OEMTire will slip at the moment you step on the White line at Dry.Even if it rains, this Tire does not slip easily even if I think to slide.Recommended for High Power Machine.

WebikeMode Oil Filter Cartridge Type

Our aircraft is the IM16 URAL Sidecar 2016 model, M20 in De Fault / P1. 5 Spin on Oil filter is attached.The contact surface is also wide, so long as the diameter of the mounting Bolt and Pitch are matched, the Large body has a width of a suitable width. It is a maintenance recommendation aircraft t...

HURRICANE Scooter Top Bridge

【What made you decide the purchase?】 Design and texture were very good, the price was as it was, but after all I bought it.【How was it actually used?】 It is a place where you can see it even when you are driving, and joyfulness will rise up every time you ride.【Was it difficult to install? (Hard par...

World Walk Universal Carrier

Purchase motive- I would like to put some luggage at MT-07. I want to use the existing BOX. I want to put a helmet in a keyed place. It is a motivation that I do not want to worry about luggage when it's raining.Reason for making this item- The dedicated Carrier sold for loading MT - 07 's l...

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