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Following the coloring image of the first model * "Monkey Z 50 M" released in 1967, adopted a dedicated three-dimensional emblem and a main key suitable for a memorial model.Fuel tank side and side covers are colored with pearl sunbeam white which is the main color, and fenders of the front and rear are colored as shasta white. In addition to the frame, front fork, swing arm, etc., the headlight case and the stripe on the top of the fuel tank are made Magna Red, and the seat adopts a fashionable check pattern seat imitating the original model. Also in commemoration of the 50th anniversary of release, a wing mark badge of reprinted design is arranged on the side of the fuel tank, a memorial sticker is arranged on the top, a 50th anniversary emblem on the side cover, a 50th anniversary logo on the back of the seat , The 50th anniversary mark is given to the main key, and it is a model that satisfies the feeling of possession full of special feeling. * Domestic mass production Commercial vehicle
Displacement 49 Engine Type AB28E/Air-cooled/4-stroke/OHC/Single Cylinder
Maximum Output (ps) 3.4PS/8,500rpm Maximum Torque (kgf/m) 0.35kgf・m/5,000rpm
Vehicle Weight (Dry Weight) - Fuel Tank Capacity liter 4.3

DAYTONA Temperature Gauge with Dip Stick Oil

Upon receipt of the goods. The product is beautiful. The product is made from very good raw materials. The product is very sparkling. The temperature measurement is quite straight. But the installation of the product is not sealed or o-ring to prevent oil from using the original. Measurement length ...

MINIMOTO Stainless Steel Chain Case

Fits great looks great on my nineteen seventy three(1973) Honda monkey z50ak3. Just make sure and use loctite as it likes to get loose after a couple of rides.

MINIMOTO Super Crankshaft

Although it is written as "Pon", it interferes unless Shaft of Oil pump is thinned. It became 110cc with the 88cc Cylinder, but it is terrible Torque, Power. It was my first time to decompose the waist but I think that anyone can do it with Gasket and a tool.

CF POSH Front Sprocket

Materials are hard to wear, SCM, bonus Chromate processed, quality is not complaining.As a matter of fact, with S45C, with Stages comes out at around 5000 km, whereas with SCM's, the difference of materials is important since wear is finally visible only after exceeding 10000 km.Chromate treatme...

OUTEX OUTEX.R-SA Full Exhaust System

I've attached RACING of DAYTONA which is too good to go out so far. Performance was wonderful but it was too much explosive and it was rearranged as outex. The current Race tube seems to regulate the volume in May and the volume has dropped considerably. Performance accelerates at 70% speed at N...

KITACO Head Carburetor Kit KEIHIN PC Φ20

I got three in the past.It is the third purchase..It was 70cc this time, so it was Large as it was with Jet out of the box.It is carburetor which gives strength to normal when the set goes to some extent and turns to Mild and fuel efficiency is also good..

HURRICANE POLICE Type 4 Φ7/8-inches Handlebar...

The goods arrived and confirmed, but I thought it was. , I was worried about 3 type first, but it was good to be 4 type. I will exchange it immediately on Sunday.

KITACO High Camshaft Special

After Bore up Big carburetor became Torque feel full of CUBHigh rotation is not goodWith Tachometer attached, 3 speed full throttle is about 7,500 revolutionsWhen installing this High Camshaft and looking at the Tachometer, I was pointing to about 11000 revolutions with 3 speed Full throttle.It is f...

SP TAKEGAWA (Special Parts TAKEGAWA) Compact LCD T...

Purchase worried about oil temperature after Bore up.Simultaneously with Thermometer to measure the temperature of the parent boiled in hot water. The temperature firmly does not have much error, but since it is a structure that bites into Drain bolt, it is a product that doubts remain as to whether...

KITACO Power Lever

Buy Bi Guard and purchase and purchase this Lever with Brake nameless enough to keep its name full.Installation is easy and installation completed in 10 minutes!The angle is perfect and I griped it Large It became easier now. Because the angle of Brake lever is getting a little hard, the condition o...

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