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    • HONDA GIORNO [Giorno] 92 - (Model : AF24 frames NO : AF24-1400001-) for the rear
    • ZOOMER [Mutual] (FI car) 08 - (Model : AF56 frames NO : AF56-1700001-) for the front
    • JULIO [Julio] 98 - (Model : AF52 frames NO : AF52-1000001-) for the rear
    • EVE [Eve] Pax - S 86 (model : AF14 frames NO : AF14-1000034-) for the rear
    • ZOOMER [Mutual] 01-06 (Model : AF56 frames NO : AF56-1000001-1699999) for front
    • ...and more.
    KITACO Non Fade Brake Shoe สั่งมารอบที่ 2 เนื่องจากสั่งมาครั้งที่แล้วใช้งานดี น้ำหนักเบากว่าของเดิม วัสดุดีกว่าของเดิมติดรถ ชอบครับให้ผ่าน...
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    By NO NAME (2)FromThailand
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    • HONDA NSR50 · For NSF 100 For Nissin Rear Master
    posted Mar 3, 2017Great little product
    By NO NAME (1)FromFinland
    Great looking and great built quality. Awesome little product. I would happily suggest to get this. Mine was gold and the colour is also good. Makes the brake pedal feel little bit better than without...
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    • KAWASAKI Z125 PRO KSR110(KL110A-000001-) KSR110(KL110CBF)(JKAKL110CCDA00058-) KSR110(KL110DDF)(KL110D-A57002-) KSR PRO(KL110EEF)(JKAKL110EEDA88121-)
    By NO NAME (2)FromSingapore
    this is a new models of takegawa disc rotors,the products is best built quality, improve brake stop.. because stainless steel... price is worth for what you get
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    • Others Universal
    posted Feb 8, 2017Air bleeder banjo bolt
    By Wravern (1)FromAustralia
    Since I was putting on a Plot swageline brake hose, I came across this product on webike. I thought it will be a great idea to have another air bleeder for my brake hose at the masterpump banjo bolt o...

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